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But, if you love your dog, you will do him or her no favors by catering to their whims.

I have seen this especially in dog owners who adopt from shelters.

They feel sorry for the dog and continuously coo after them providing no boundaries or limitations.

Dogs NEED to feel that you are the leader and that they can count on you to take charge.

But, being the leader is often misunderstood. It doesn't mean that you forcibly dominate your dog. Rather, leadership is more of a mental quality, in which you set boundaries without intimidation.

Good parents and teachers know that children need kind and benevolent direction and good dog trainers know that canines need the exact same thing.

Like children, all dogs need love, but there is a difference between being loved and being spoiled.

It will do your dog no good to live in a house where they can get anything they want by being pushy and demanding.

If you are comfortable by being a calm and assertive pack leader, your dog can relax and will love you all the more for it.

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Benefits of Professional Dog Training

Potential Behavioral Issues Identified

Professional animal trainers can see things that owners might not notice. A professional dog trainer has the experience to spot potential problems.

A Better Trained Dog

The majority of dogs that go through training or professional classes have much better behavior, less behavioral issues, and fewer quirks like crotch sniffing, scratching, howling, etc. that dogs that don't. Dogs whose owners invest in great professional dog training have great dogs, the ones that all the other dog owners are envious of.

Less Time to Train a Dog

Professional dog trainers know what to do and have the skills to train a dog far quicker than an owner with little or no knowledge in animal training practices.

Curing Problems Quickly

Professional dog trainers have experience with many dogs and as many situations. A seasoned professional dog trainer will generally know exactly what to do to fix potential problems saving you the time and hassle of researching the issue.

Great Recommendations

A professional dog trainer's advice and training comes from years of experience. The professional dog trainer has studied animal behavior and has many recommendations you might not know about.

Better Dog Socialization

Professional dog trainers are able to advise how to properly play with a dog to prevent future incidents with other animals and strangers as well as how to properly socialize the dog with people and other animals.

Better Behavior with Children

There is nothing worse than a dog biting or nipping a small child. Dogs need to be trained so that they will listen to an owner rather than needing to be locked up or restrained because they snap at children or knock them over.

Less Damage to Property

A professionally trained dog will not cause damage to your possessions by chewing or destroying them and you will never be in a position where you are sued by someone for something your pet has done. All these behaviors are preventable through professional dog training.

Better Overall Happiness with Your Pet

Well trained dogs give their owners a great deal of pride. Owners who get professional dog training have dogs that respond immediately to commands and never put them in an embarrassing situation when their pet misbehaves with visitors or strangers. A well behaved and obedient pet never ceases to gain respect from others.

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